Möd3rn ’04/14 EP’

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MD3RN 03Artists: Möd3rn
Title: 04/14 EP
Label: Möd3rn Records
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: MD3RN 03
Release Date: June 20th, 2014
Distribution: Deejay.de
A1. Mö 7
B1. Mö 8
B2. Mö 9

Möd3rn is a global project from 3 well known artists who wanted to give a side project from their own solo career. It‘s a band, producing, playing live but it‘s also a label created only for the trio productions. Each releases will propose 3 tracks from the 3 artists. For that third one the famous trio propose 3 huge techno bombs Mö7, Mö8 and Mö 9, 3 huge techno killer using rough skins with raw edit. Speech less and listen to that we can call Pure Techno.

While carefully handling their respective careers, postponing then their obvious collaboration, Möd3rn trio‘s members have capitalized its desire and now deliver its mere substance, in the rightest moment, where, simply, all the distant forces converge.

The six daring, expert hands merge now into a unique entity, unanimously moving within the same effort towards techno music. Of the distinct identities merely remains the ethereal, synthetic essence devoted to the group, and the common musical passion that leads it. The formula is elaborated freely: each one‘s adjunctions -subtle keys, nervous chords, underground blows, rhythmical uproars- pour into a thick maelstrom, opaque, condensing Detroit‘s grieving sensibilities as well as last decade‘s bewildering cacophonies. The potion obtained is irresistible, an ecstatic hybrid, prodigiously actual, that renders all the genre‘s diversity and dynamism.

Chance intertwined their paths and now the three companions celebrate both the friendship that resulted and the good fortune that has driven it, by improvising live together as one faceless, solid body agitated by the urge of dance and music, composing the material that shall be processed later on to form their eponym label‘s releases.


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