Artist: Monkey Safarimonkeysafari_happybodymusic
Title: Happy Body Music LP
Label: Mambo
Format: CD & Digital
Release Date: April 2012
1. Alte Damn
2. Talking Mama
3. Zuckerberg
4. Lenis GuGu
5. Sirens
6. Slam City
7. Tripster
8. Room Service feat. Seth Schwarz
9. Paparuda

10. Fleetstreet
11. Sumo Skin
12. Hush

We are brothers and that’s why we know each other well, Hailing from Halle, the two Monkey Safari gents are real Nightlife addicts and indeed lovers of club culture. As owners of the legendary Charles Bronson club and purveyors of labels like What!What! Records (since 2008) & Mambo (since 2011), they truly are ambassadors of house and techno in their hometown.
The two Monkey guys are very happy to present their first long player. After a successful year 2011 and a massive output they want to show the world what ́s also going on in their mind. ́Happy Body Music ́ is not only for the dance floor. Of course you ́ll find some techy, housy floor killers on the LP but also tracks from the deeper techno side and a little from the Monkey roots…Hip Hop and Big Beat! So please come in, lean back, take a coffee and have a listen to the colorful monkeyworld.
Happy, silly and fun sounds are the result of their creativity. Their music is tropically flavored, crossed with an electric spark, ideal for drunken nights out, falling off heels and losing half of your drink to the dance floor. As a DJ team they merrily merge different music genres and styles from all over the globe: sometimes soft and melodic, sometimes deep and conscious, at others down and dirty, but one thing is sure, the mood is always happy. Warning: The wave they’re riding is high grade and infectious, this is some serious monkey business!


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