Monkey Safari ‘Hi Life’

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Mona014_resizedArtist: Monkey Safari
Title: Hi Life
Label: Monaberry
Remixer: Ole Beige
Cat. #: Mona014
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 13th 2012

1. Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover)
2. Roulé (Original Mix)
3. Hi Life (Ole Biege Remix)

Monkey Safari are a German duo riding high off the success of their debut album, Happy Body Music, on their own Mambo imprint. The brothers from Halle are real nightlife addicts and indeed lovers of club culture. As owners of the legendary Charles Bronson club and purveyors of labels like What!What! Records (since 2008) & Mambo (since 2011), they truly are ambassadors of house and techno in their hometown with happy, silly and fun sounds at the heart of their creativity.

This new EP offers up two versions of ‘Hi Life‘ – the first, the Cheeky Bold Cover is a sombre deep house groove that stays low – sad and melancholic pianos are laced through the whole thing and its’ a perfect end of the night track.

There’s also an Ole Beige Remix which is just as heavy hearted. The drums and percussion are soft edged and drag lazily. This time there’s alos a spoken word monologue to add to the sense of oppression.

Finally, ‘Roule’ is slightly more upbeat with trilling keys, found sounds and thin future synths all coming together to make for a sonorously rich track. When the bass drops it s big and bulbous like a Julio Bashmore joint and the whole track bounces as a result. Another fine effort from these two simian safari-ists!


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