“Planetary Funk” were a series of 12″ published more than 20 years ago on Peacefrog Records, Luke Slater selected some of the original mixes and set up some remix projects. In this “Part 1” Ø [Phase] and Ben Sims appear as remixers, making excellent edits.
Ø [Phase] takes care of “Dungeon”, compared to the original it sounds modern and trippy, the instruments used are so solid and warehouse-like.
Ben Sims edits “Gated”: his version is pitched down and rich of his typical noisy drums, the instruments analogy between original and remix is evident and the choice of Ben Sims as remixer because his style is very appropriate.

Mote Evolver – May 27th 2016

A1 / 1. Dungeon ( Ø [Phase] Remix)
B1 / 2. Gated (Ben Sims Edit)
B2 / 3. Dungeon (P.A.S. 1997 Original)


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