Ma Spaventi “Isola Sommersa”

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“Isola Sommersa” is the Ma Spaventi’s brand new album forthcoming on MOS Recordings. It’s not the first time that the Italian artist gets released on this label, 12″ records like “Balla!” and “The Jungle / Insanity” made his debut on the Netherlands based label.
The tracks of the album are not so much dancefloor oriented but that’s not a problem: the Chicago, Detroit and Italo Disco influences noticeable make the whole album very introspective, sometimes sad and melancholic, but keep the fascinating vibes surrounding all the productions.

MOS Recordings – June 20th 2016
a1. Tape Noodles
a2. Simple Mind
b1. Missing Sunlight
b2. Bruiloft (Aroy Dee Percussion Mix)
c1. Best Regards
c2. Undisclosed Ambient Intermezzo
c3. Luna Piena
d1. Smooth Professor
d2. Titanic Moments

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