Moullinex ‘Flora’

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Artist: MoullinexGomma175CD
Title: Flora
Label: Gomma
Cat. #: Gomma175CD
Release Date: 26-10-2012

1. Sunflare (3:54)
2. Take My Pain Away (4:38)
3. Deja Vu (3:49)
4. Keep You Close (3:46)
5. Darkest Night (4:40)
6. Let Your Feet (Do The Work) (3:59)
7. To Be Clear (3:31)
8. Flora (5:11)
9. Tear Club (4:12)
10. Undertaker (4:28)
11. Hypnotize (3:50)
12. Summerman (Reprise) (3:59)
13. Maniac (3:11):

Germany’s Gomma label looks to the release of the debut album from Portuguese disco aficionado Luis Clara Gomes AKA Moullinex…

The Munich based Gomma label has been driving influence on electronica and nu-disco since its inception in the late nineties, part of this influence has been the imprint’s dedication to developing artists through album releases. LPs from the likes of Headman, Who Made Who, Munk & the KDMS have helped shaped the musical landscape and made Gomma a ‘go to’ for quality leftfield music. Now Gomma looks to one of its existing artists, the highly talented Moullinex for its next long player.

Moullinex AKA Luis Clara Gomes hails from Portugal but resides part of the year in Munich, Germany. He is a multi instrumentalist, writer, producer and vocalist and ‘Flora’ is an insight into his musical world, featuring an uplifting array of sun-drenched melodies and his own heartfelt vocals alongside those of female vocalists Iwona Skwarek (of Rebeka) & Da Chick.

Essentially ‘Flora’ is a disco album, but it is neither a retro pastiche nor a cold modern imitation of the sound, rather Gomes has delivered a wonderfully crafted selection of songs that marry timeless melodies with a deft production touch to create an LP that is brimming with positivity. From the beautiful opener ‘Sunflare’ which lifts off the LP with a smile, the whole album has a life affirming tact to it, tracks like ‘Let Your Feet (Do the Work)’ and the electro disco killer title track ‘Flora’ bring a ray of light to the dancefloor and even the melancholically titled ‘Take My Pain Away’ & ‘Darkest Night’ can do nothing but have you reaching for the sky. Influences from Moroder are often on show on the LP, and there are elements of Daft Punk in a number of places, but through the album Gomes very much carves his own sound, creating a musical soundscape that brings together the best of disco, funk, soul and electronica from the last 4 decades with a defiant look towards the future.

‘Flora’ is a surefire winner and a wonderfully accomplished debut from Moullinex and with the Gomma label behind it you’d have to say this is looking like one of the disco albums of the year.


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