Mr. Jones ‘Sounds For The Mute’

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Mr.-Jones---Sounds-For-The-Mute-Cover-WEBArtist: Mr. Jones
Title: Sounds For The Mute
Label: The Public Stand
Cat. #: TSLP001
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 31 July 2015
1. Hush
2. Sounds For The Mute
3. Reversible
4. The Truth About Robots
5. Til It’s Done
6. Us vs. Them
7. Forced by Low Frequencies
8. Continuous Sounds

“Dave Clarke’s protege rocks it big time with his crushing debut on The Public Stand” – Mixmag (May, 2015)

The Public Stand is proud to announce Mr. Jones’ debut album ‘Sounds For The Mute’. Sounds For The Mute portrays Jones’ intense studio regime over the past two years and consists of eight tracks ranging from high-energy sounds, industrial endeavors to bombastic orchestral experiments defying the unwritten laws of techno.

Mr. Jones’ (Jonas Uittenbosch) big break came when he attended the brutally honest Amsterdam Dance Event Demolition Panel in 2010. He was instantly noticed by techno don and panel host Dave Clarke, who subsequently gave Jones his first airplay on his radio show. For six months straight, Jones then provides Clarke’s radio show with a brand new track every week that makes the cut, making him the techno artist with most airplay on Dutch National Radio at the time, while still being unsigned. There’s even a buzz going on twitter, saying that Mr. Jones is an alias of Dave Clarke himself (who hasn’t made music in almost a decade at that point). But it’s simply this new upstart from just outside Amsterdam, in Haarlem.

This musical connection results in Clarke inviting Mr. Jones to his secret new studio where the Baron and Jones bond easily and the two agree to form a new production unit – ‘Unsubscribe’. It’s a remix project at first, reworking music from BLACKASTEROID, Detroit’s Octave One, Phil Kieran, Boys Noize, the legendary John Foxx (Ultravox) and many more. Dave Clarke even states that Jones brought him back the joy of being in the studio again. Their first single ‘Spek Hondje’ (featuring Chicago MC Bear Who), was released on Fabric’s label Houndstooth.

“It’s strange, because I’ve kind of made all my dreams come true production wise, the collaboration I have and the material I have had come my way with working with Dave is just incredible. But I needed to do that one thing that’s been buzzing in the back of my mind: an album. So I started the conversation with the label and they loved the idea of doing an album, so we started working.”

The concept for Sounds For The Mute is very simple: 100% sound experimentation, recognizing happy accidents and bounce ideas back and forth with the label: “There’s always this chip on techno album’s shoulders about doing dancefloor and non-dancefloor tracks and I just find that such a limiting presumption to start an album with, because even the soundscapes I did on this album could work in a club, because they still contain the frequencies that physically move you and they have a structure, they’re not just drones.”

Jones also wants to state that the artwork was an experiment as well: “Me and the label have a good relationship with the Maslow design agency and Krijn van Noordwijk (who creates all the iconic ADE artwork and portraits) and we just spent a few hours vibing in Krijn’s studio taking photographs. I just thought we were going to do a dark portrait of me in Krijn’s signature style, but when I was on my way home I received this whatsapp with this amazing image of the iconic finger that brought everything together, the vibe and the album title, that’s when I realized: ‘I think I just finished my first album’”.


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