Tiago Fragateiro “Numb”

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Artist: Tiago Fragateiro
Title: Numb
Label: Mesmerize Musique
Remixers: Javier Carballo, Robot Needs Oil, AlexFX
Cat. #: MSMS004
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 17th 2013
1. Numb
2. Numb (Javier Carballo Remix)
3. Numb (Robot Needs Oil Remix)
4. Numb (AlexFX Remix)

For its 4th release Mesmerize Musique moves to the western part of Europe, in order to catch one of the most talented Portuguese dj, producer and cofounder of Composite Records: Tiago Fragateiro. “Numb” is a soft, gentle track that makes the listener fall into a relaxed state of mind thanks to a delicate piano background and a deep, enveloping soundscape.
The first remix comes from Javier Carballo (One Records /La Vie En Rose /Overall Music) and is for sure a killer rework injecting the original with strong beats that you want to listen to and dance over and over.
Robot Needs Oil‘s (JETT Records/Acker Records) approach reflects his usual eclectic point of view, fresh and mental sounds are throw in the mix and the result is something that makes you trip in a whole new world.
Last but not least there is the interpretation by AlexFX: his great bassline, melodic synths, a mesmerizing acid touch and the well placed stop and restarts will leave you without breath from the start till the end.

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