Revy “Overflow EP”

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Revy’s “Overflow EP” is an advanced techno release that reminds the Peter Van Hoesen sonorities: solid techno with smooth ambient and drone sounds. The opening track called “Surge Mix” is totally into ambient and prepares the scene to the following “Pulsation” mix, which ensembles parts of the previous track with an interesting instrumental structure.
The remixes offers some interesting interpretation of the main theme: the Exercise One version extract from the original the hidden raw and angry sensations, while Diego Tuñon & Jimmy Van M adapt the whole thing into a deep house style with 80s influences.

Mater Music – May 16th 2016
1. Overflow (Surge Mix)
2. Overflow (Pulsation)
3. Overflow (Pulsation Subtractive Dub)
4. Overflow (Exercise One Remix)
5. Overflow (Pedro Aguiar Remix)
6. Overflow (Diego Tuñon & Jimmy Van M Xperimental Remix)


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