Mudwise ‘Cosmagnetic’

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ENKLAV005_cover_resizedArtist: Mudwise
Title: Cosmagnetic
Label: Enklav
Cat. #: ENKLAV005
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 29th 2012

1. Cognac Items
2. A Cosmic Gent
3. Mecca Ignots
4. Congas Tic Me
5. Accent Gismo
6. Semantic Cog
7. A Sect Gnomic

Cosmagnetic” is the debut release by Nicola Lucchese‘s solo project: Mudwise.
Nicola shows here his dark, instrospective and futuristic music.
Entirely recorded on tape, all the sounds are manipulated live and generated by Mudwise’s own custom-built modular system.


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