Mushrooms Project ‘Rio Disco EP’

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HYR7144Artist: Mushrooms Project
Title: Rio Disco EP
Label: Hell Yeah Recordings
Cat. #: HYR7144
Release Date: 02 Oct 2015
Rio Disco 84
Rio Disco 84 (Acoustic Reprise)
Rio Disco 94

Hell Yeah Recordings are pleased to present a brand new 12″ by Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano aka Mushrooms Project, a DJ and production duo that has been turning out great 12”s and two full lengths since 2009. Their worldly disco sound is infused with all sort of influences from ambient to house, pop to psychedelia… guess why Hell Yeah team loves them…

The Rio Disco 12” features three cuts. The first is Rio Disco 84, a blissed out ambient cut with trilling guitars, lush pads and lots of seaside atmospheres. Organic hand drums and golden strings ensure it will have you fully horizontal before the end. Then comes an acoustic reprise of the same track, which is even more stripped back and beautiful, and then it’s Rio Disco 94.
This one is driven by flabby bass and deep, soft, rolling drums. Bird calls, breaking waves and languorous wind instruments all sooth your mind and soul as the track unfolds perfectly patiently.

This is a jam packed selection of greatness from one of modern disco’s finest acts with a very tasty 12” of bliss-disco to boot.

Available as a 12” plus an exclusive Mix-CD available via Bandcamp, Rio Disco Experience pulls together dazzling cuts from at the duo from labels like Is It Balearic?, Leng, and of course Hell Yeah.


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