MFd Best of #3Artist: Various
Title: Music For Dreams – ‘Best Of’ Volume 3
Mixed & compiled by: Ravin
Label: Music For Dreams
Release Date: 29-3-15
1. Continuous Mix 1 By DJ Ravin (album only)
2. Continuous Mix 2 By DJ Ravin (album only)
3. Bird – Little Steps
4. Bjarno – Factor 30
5. Troels Hammer – Cold Hawaii
6. Cantoma -Rain
7. Troels Hammer – Church Of Our Lady
8. Laid back – Don’t Step On The Grass
9. Grassskirt – Tonite
10. Ganga – What Have The Bells
11. Bonnie & Klein – Total blue
12. Tuccinelli Solo Un Delay
13. Dim Dim – Flavia
14. The Kenneth Bager Experience – What’s My Name (Dub Mix)
15. DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager – La Serenata (Sandro S Dub Mix)
16. Al Jawala – Go East ( Mads Dalholt & Dj Zimino Remix)
17. The Kenneth Bager Experience – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing… Dub Remix by DJ Ravin)
18.Hess Is More – Yes Boss (Serge Devant Remix)
19. Coyote – Gitarra
20. Landers & Dalholt – Zengo
21. The Kenneth Bager Experience – Sunshine Stereo (Jazzbox Remix)
22. DJ Disse Feat. Christophe Goze – Egyptian Disco (Original Mix)MIXED & COMPILED BY RAVIN

Featuring tracks & mixes by The Kenneth Bager Experience, Ravin, Hess Is More, Bonnie & Klein, Troels Hammer, Coyote, Cantoma, Laid Back, DJ Pippi, Tuccinello, Bjarno and more.

Music For Dreams, ‘Best Of’ Volume 3 is a 22-track album featuring a spiritually inspired selection of blissfully deep electronica, house, nu-disco and chillout productions for which the Music For Dreams label is revered. Compiled and mixed by internationally acclaimed DJ Ravin from Buddha Bar, this new compilation further showcases the popular Balearic label run by Danish DJ/producer, Kenneth Bager and will be released on Sunday 29th March 2015.

DJ Ravin came to the fore as one of the creators of the Buddha Bar compilation series. Born in Mauritius, his love of music led him to Paris where he found work in a record store. He enthusiastically embraced electronic music and landed a coveted weekend DJ residency at legendary Parisian nightclub, The Rex and whilst DJing at a Wiz Bombino party met Buddha Bar’s Claude Challe, an early advocate of electronic fusion and world music. They collaborated on some singles and when Ravin became resident at Buddha Bar, they began assembling an album that mirrored the style and sounds of their DJ sets, mixing house, chill and world tracks. When the initial Buddha Bar disc became a major success, the two produced a second volume, with Ravin becoming sole producer of Buddha Bar III; he has gone on to produce 11 albums in the series, plus a number of solo albums and themed compilations.

Kenneth Bager is a global torchbearer of Balearic and chill electronica and exported the sounds back to Ibiza last year for a second 3-day chill festival at Sir Rocco, following a series of parties at Cafe Mambo. Kenneth is also the promoter of the food and music Apple Flower Festival as well as the internationally renowned Coma Club in Copenhagen.

Following the success of Music For Dreams ‘Best Of’ Volume 1 compiled by Phil Mison and ‘Best Of’ Volume 2 compiled by Jon Sa Trinxa and ‘Music For Dreams – ‘Best’ Of Volume 3 compiled by Ravin continues the evolutionary saga of the Danish label and the growing demand for Balearic sounds.

This album contains exclusive tracks and mixes by The Kenneth Bager Experience, Ravin, Troels Hammer, Landers & Dalholt and Jazzbox plus recent label releases from Hess Is More, Bonnie & Klein, Coyote, Cantoma, Laid Back, DJ Pippi, Tuccinello, Bjarno and more.

Music For Dreams, ‘Best Of’ Volume 3 is released by Music For Dreams on download and stream on Sunday 29th March 2015.


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