Where will go Music On Ibiza in summer 2017?

Reliable sources  close to the management of Music On confirmed us  that Music on and Amnesia are far to sign the contract  for summer 2017.

So, because of we are already in December, it could mean just two things: or  Amnesia and Music On will find a  “last – minute” new agreement, or Marco Carola and his dream team could  move to another location… this is much more than a suggestion…

But the fans of Music On mustn’t be  worried,  at least two clubs would be ready to make gold bridges to hire Carola.

We imagine- but actually this is just a supposition- that the new Ushuaia (the new club where was located Space Ibiza) or Privilege could be very happy to engage a show a party that scored five years of sold out .

Let’s see what will happen, and be sure that Ibiza by night will update you about one of the potential biggest dj tranfer market of Ibiza 2017 … and – last but not least –   the eventual move of Music On could also generate an important domino effect on many other parties…  Welcome to Ibiza 2017

P.s.: don’t forget also these words… It’s all about the music!


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