Musumeci ‘Foundation EP’

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ELTD12_Cover_Artwork_WebArtist: Musumeci
Title: Foundation EP
Label: Engrave Ltd
Format: Digital
Cat. #: ELTD12
Release Date: June 20th, 2016
Distribution: Paradise
01. Terminus
02. Remote Soul
03. Comporellen
04. Foundation
05. Prelude
06. Melpomenia
07. Trantor

Musumeci returns to his own Engrave Ltd imprint to deliver a new piece of work, inspired by Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.
The album is the natural follow up to the successful ‘The Gemini Project’, heavily supported from the likes of Ame, Dixon & Solomun just to name a few.
Using the suggestive imagery created by Asimov in his Galactic Empire as a starting point, Musumeci creates seven musi- cal moments with the strict aim of satisfying the needs of a hypothetical interstellar dance gathering.
Those who are familiar with Musumeci’s approach already know about the simple concept behind his music and what to expect: groovy, melodic bits and pieces twisted by arps and synths.


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