Muzarco ‘Cashewpeia’

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Artist: Muzarco
Title: Cashewpeia
Remixer: Basti Grub
Label: Punch Music
Format: Digital
Cat. #: PM023
Release Date: April 29th, 2013
Distribution: Ingrooves
01. Muzarco-Cashewpeia
02 .Muzarco-Cashewpeia (Basti Grub remix)
03. Muzarco-Cathartica

This release is all about originality and personal expression. Those familiar with Muzarco’s previous efforts will no doubt recognise his signature on this release, however these tracks are unlike anything heard from him before. The track names are a hint for Muzarco’s intention for this EP: To combine space and emotion with texture and discovery.

Cashewpeia is an experiment in melting eastern influences into electronica and techno. Without using any samples, Muzarco had meticulously programmed his synthesizers to mimic the sound of acoustic instruments, thus achieving his goal of exploring a less traveled path.

Cathartica is a darker and deeper track, which showcases Muzarco’s discoveries after spending a while in the studio, finding new ways to express emotions through textures, while keeping it groovy without sacrificing a dense atmosphere.

For the remix of Cashewpeia, Muzarco specifically chosen one of his favorite artists, Basti Grub, who delivers an interpretation which takes the original to new groovy grounds while staying true to the musical message conceived by Muzarco.


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