Myorga ‘Elian EP’

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PI010D_ARTWORK_Artist: Myorga
Title: Elian EP
Label: Phase Insane
Cat. #: PI010D
Release Date: January 13 2016
Elian (Original Mix)
Naile (Original Mix)
Elian (Xpansul Remix)

Carlos Mayorga aka MYORGA presents his first EP with his new AKA. To understand his passion better, here a bit of his history: 1992 was the year when Carlos made his first contact with electronic music, and his life took a radical change, both in artistic and personal concepts.

Two years later, appeared his first sequencer software, which he developed in his first cuts. From there on, until today, he started to learn new technologies, related to software and musical hardware, by acquiring knowledge in several training centres and applying this to computer engineering studies.

MYORGA produced this EP with strong techno and minimal influences, by using his own synthesizers, designed and developed by him. This release is full of fat drums and fine rhythms. XPANSUL made a smashing remix of the title-track ‘Elian’, and it’s definitely a massive techno track!


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