lf034resizedArtist: Nadja Lind
Title: Brain Candy Remixes Part 1
Label: Lucidflow
Remixers: Helmut Ebritsch, UGLH, Hernan Cattaneo and Soundexile
Cat. #: LF034
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 8th 2012

1. A Choice (Original Mix)
2. A Choice (Helmut Ebritsch Universal Context Mix)
3. The Preach (Original Mix)
4. The Preach (UGLH Rmx)
5. Limbus (Hernan Cattaneo and Soundexile Rmx 2)

The Brain Candy remix roster reads like a who’s who in the techy and fluid House world: Hernan Cattaneo, UGLH, Helmut Ebritsch, Yapacc, D. Diggler, Sweet’ n Candy, Saytek, Ali Khan, Franco Bianco, G-Man, Dub Taylor, Trinity & Beyond, Paul Loraine, Blatancy, Steve Ward, Sasch BBC, Silky, Helly Larson, Markojux, Grünbox and Eddie Richards.

This emphatic scattering covers most of Nadja’s favourite producers, whose releases can be found punctuating her vinyl collection in the basement at Lucidflow HQ. There were actually rumours that they had all been locked in this basement, with basic rations, until the remix work was complete.
Although the (slightly less sinister) reality was that they jumped at the opportunity with wide eyed glee!

The result is practically an entire record collection all under one release.
Now, before you all drag out your sleeping bags and sit pressing F5 until the internet tells you that this release is available to buy, the first of many tasters is due to hit on 8th August 2012. An EP so delicious you can feel it inserting calories directly into your body via your eardrums: Brain Candy Remixes Part 1. Luckily, the material provides the perfect excuse to shake off any excess podge rolls.
A Choice, Limbus and The Preach see full fat interpretations from Helmut Ebritsch, Hernan Catteneo & Soundexile and UGLH.
The “dub with pump” that is A Choice (where the choice in question appears to be a rather straightforward “dance or dance?”) appears in original album form, with Klartraum partner-in-crime Helmut Ebritsch stepping in with a remix. Helmut’s touch gradually peels away the outer layers of dark dub, to reveal a sprightly centre of bright synths and micro vocal samples, all set to a heartbeat march of bass and beats.

Hernan Catteneo
needs little introduction; his early beginnings with Perfecto branched out into appearances on Bedrock, Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi offshoot Shinichi, all resulting in a residency at The Gallery @ Ministry Of Sound and electrifying production relationship with studio partner Soundexile. As long time supporters of Lucidflow, it was a perfect opportunity to lend their trademark light, melodic and flowing productions skills to
Limbus, taking the introspective original and floating it through the skies.

pick up the baton by plucking this breathy groove out of the clouds, diving straight down underground and turning in an robotic disco funk remix of The Preach. It’s easily the sort of sound that the likes of Digweed use to shake basements like Fabric and his own Transitions series on regular occasion. With productions littering 8bit, Great Stuff, Noir Music, CR2, Monique Music, plus an existing remix of Klartraum’s Growth under
their belts, maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised at the quality of UGLH’s waveforms. This is, unless, you are the sort of person who is surprised each day at grass being green and concrete being hard. If so, you are in for repeated treats.
Just to push you to full to bursting status, there is another chance to relive the original demented and twisted skip of The Preach, containing all those devilish noises your mother warned you about in six minutes of microcutting delirium.
Digest, enjoy and don’t accept semi-skimmed beats as an alternative, indulge in the naughty stuff.

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