lf036_resizedArtist: Nadja Lind
Title: Brain Candy Remixes Part 2
Label: Lucidflow
Remixers: Paul Loraine, D. Diggler, Yapacc
Cat. #: LF036
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 10th 2012

1. Limbus (Original Mix)
2. Limbus (Paul Loraine Absent Without Leave Remake)
3. Limbus (D. Diggler Rmx)
4. Sorry Books (Original Mix)
5. Sorry Books (Yapacc Rmx)

Lucidflow have some more sweeties for your grey matter from the grand Brain Candy remix project. 22nd October may almost be upon us but that is no reason not to squeeze out another
little taster for you and your respective dancefloors to sample (and enjoy massively). This time the triple-A roster of producers on remix duty are the rather excellent D.Diggler, Paul Loraine and Yapacc.
D. Diggler takes on the gentle dub edged bliss of Limbus and twists off in the opposite direction entirely. His tough tribal tech sound is unleashed in full force, the hypnotic rumble and shimmying rhythms causing your muscles to unconsciously twitch and flex.
Paul Loraine’s interpretation of Limbus has already been picked up for the Transitions radio show, hosted by relative newcomer to the scene – Johnathan Digglesworth. John Digsbury? … John Digweed! Yeah, I’ve not heard of him either but I’m told he is pretty ok. Joking aside, Mr Digweed has obviously spotted Paul’s talent for creating kick drums that seem to contain the entire EU’s yearly allocation of sub-bass. This just provides a deep canvas for dub chatter to reverberate around the track, along with delicate flourishes of synths.
Yapacc is tasked with working some magic with the urgent and tense tech of Sorry Books.
The result is pretty similar to Harry Potter having a fight with Gandalf in some sort of “who has the most awesome?” showdown. A truly cosmic journey that deserves to be experienced for the full ten and a half minute duration, and not a second less. An audio delight featuring layers of twinkling guitar arpeggios, little flashes of live percussive flair and a progression so fluid that it washes around your ear canals with giddy abandon. One for the emotional.
The remixes just keep getting better, and everyone is a winner in this scenario.


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