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How did you guys meet? What draws you to each other?nice7

We’ve been friends forever. We were both born in the same small coastal town in the center of Italy. It’s the kind of place where everybody knows everybody. Until 2005, we worked in music separately, both of us starting at the age of 13. After a lot of different experiences all over Italy, we decided to join forces  in djing, clubbing and production. This was how our Nice7 project started.


How do you work in the studio, do you have set roles?

Cesare does more of the technical work and the studio arrangements. Nicola is always looking for new music and different ideas to work on.


What music did you each grow up around and how does that inspire you?

We grew up in 80-90’s where lots of things were not available to everyone, unlike today thanks to the internet.

The first way we got to know music was over the radio. From there, curiosity and the desire to discover new things led us to local music stores, thanks to which we learned about different kinds of music, including those closer to the club culture. We like different styles and different genres of music.

We’re influenced by so many artists and genres: the ’70 disco-music & Salsoul Records,Lerry Levan, Stevie Wonder,Queen, Royksopp, Bebel Gilberto,Groove Armada,Depeche Mode, Buddy Rich,Miles Davis,NIN, Richard David James , Einsturzende Neubauten, Kraftwerk, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Brian Eno, David Bowie, The Cure, The Police, Pink Floyd,Michel Camilo, Dave Weckl,Pat Metheny, Incognito…and too many more to enumerate!

DJ-wise, we really like Ricardo Villalobos…we think he’s amazing!


Do your DJ sets and travels influence the music you make or?

Yes…it’s like you give something to the crowd when you play in a new place…and the people give you back new ideas to produce and doing something new.


Does the how interest you when making music, or just the end result?

Both things are important…but the result is often affected by the how! The how is truly important, because it helps the mind to find the right solution to get a nice final result!


What are your aims when making music/DJing?

We just want to enjoy our music, both when we’re busy in the studio making our own tracks and when we are doing sets, where the energy goes out to the people dancing. It’s all about being happy with our own work and transmitting that happiness to the people who listen to our music.


Think being Italian makes an impact on the music you make?

For sure! Italy is a fantastic place. We like sun, parties and happiness…it’s because our music works for smiley people!


Is there a good Italian scene right now?

Yes sure. We have some problems at the moment, because of the crisis, but there are some good underground clubs all over Italy and there are many talented DJs and producers here.


What else you got coming up?

We get a rmx for our friend “Leon” upcoming on Victor Calderone’s label, and a new release on Great Stuff…both coming in March.


Finally, why the name Nice7?

It’s top secret. [We would tell you but then wed have to kill you]

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Interview by Kristan Caryl


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