Nick Galemore ‘Vorbote’

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KD053_resizedArtist: Nick Galemore
Title: Vorbote
Label: Kindisch
Cat. #: KD053
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 17th 2012

1. Pt. I
2. Pt. II

Kindisch welcomes Nick Galemore to the autumn season and presents his debut EP ‘Vorbote‘. His first release landed recently on Get Physical, a deep remix of Ornettes’ ‘Crazy’, which garnered favourable reviews for its breakaway from traditional styles.

In his own words he describes ‘Vorbote’:

‘Music doesn’t have to have a clear beginning, middle and end, it’s a process, a mood, a feeling. It is a messenger of emotion, and these things aren’t always so black and white, they’re ongoing and always evolving. I wanted this piece to reflect that. This is nothing groundbreaking, but I feel it’s understated, I want to change that; I want to take you for a ride.’


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