Nico Grubert ‘Echoes’

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brq101_NicoGrubert_Echoes_CoverArtworkWebArtists: Nico Grubert
Title: Echoes
Format: Digital
Label: Broque
Cat. #: brq101
Release Date: December 1st, 2014
Distribution: I-Tunes / Beatport
01. Sonntags bei Anna
02. Planet red
03. Liquid beach
04. Limbo chicks
05. Caribic night
06. Epilogue
07. Echoes
08. Hypnotized
09. Stereogarden
10. Like this
11. The journey
12. Bacardi

Nico Grubert might be a fresh face in the Broque roster, though in fact, he‘s been active in the music scene since the 90s.
That is underlined not least by „Echoes“, his impressive first album on Broque which surprisingly is a re-release of his 2006 debut album, calling to be re-issued since quite some time now.
Originally released on Musicartistry, a Thuringian-based net label, the techno sound of the 12 tracks
in between dub and Detroit still sounds remarkably contemporary and has been entirely
remastered for this occasion. Though we have to admit that it was only a matter of accentuating details: the sound of the album in its core is up to date as always, given that it is inspired by classic techno labels like Kanzleramt, Metroplex or Planet E are known for, rather than by fashionable minimal trends.
Hence, there is no use-by date implied. More maximal than minimal, Nico fully gives in to his liking of old-fashioned hi-hats, analog vibes, rolling arpeggios and emotional melodies.
Together with his skilled use of vocals, „Echoes“ tells a powerful story of techno in its heyday. And that‘s a sto- ry everyone should hear every now and then.


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