Nicole Moudaber Interview

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Your career is going through the roof, what’s been your biggest and proudest moment in it so far?
It is probably being nominated twice this year in the States and Europe for best techno artist, which is a great achievement.
My parties worldwide under the IntheMOOD and MoodRAW banners were very successful as well as my radio show hitting over 41 countries worldwide on FM stations with a steady rise globally.

It seems like that after being released on top labels for you is not enough and your music it’s still fresh and energetic. What are the main influence, sources of inspiration and keeping your interest alive?
Passion for the music is my motivation, this is what drives me through without stopping even at the lowest moments of my life, be it emotional or physical.
My inspiration comes from my state of mind and the people I meet and how I feel around them. It also comes from the music I hear from different artists, whether its electronic music, funk or R&B.
Traveling long hours centers me in a way and means I get away from the day to day management. I’m in harmony with myself and in touch more with my feelings and all my creative ideas flow when I’m alone – imagination, visions and intense emotions. it’s very euphoric.

Can you reveal us a bit of your new projects?
I’m working on new material as we speak and am planning to release it in 2015. I’m very inspired at the moment and I’m sure the outcome will be interesting.
I’m taking my MoodRAW warehouse parties around Europe next year, as well making a video with Skin from Skunk Anansie because our collaboration is almost done and it sounds very different.

Tell us something about your American tour.
It was amazing – sold out shows on every single one of the dates. Mood RAW was a huge hit in Montreal, Los Angeles, & Chicago – I was very surprised with the MoodRAW Brooklyn warehouse party though. It was unbelievable as we had 2500 people who stayed till about 8.30am. To have this turnout in New York was one for the books for sure for an underground techno event.

You travel so much as a dj, what do you think about Italy and Italian clubbers?
I just played Rome and Naples and I have to say the Italians are my favourite crowd. I love the energy and the hot-blooded people because I’m totally about that. I’m still buzzing from it.

Any future plans about a your own label and your radio show?
I’m planning to do a worldwide radio broadcast live from one of my events online and all the FM stations that broadcast my radio show InTheMOOD – I haven’t decided where we will do it from yet and we have some interesting and exciting options. The label has some great releases forthcoming from new kids on the block like Marino Canal, Wade and follow ups from Joel Mull and Carlo Lio as well as new music from quite established releases as well so stay tuned.


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