Nicole Moudaber Interview

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Hi Nicole and welcome to

You are going to perform in Naples with international Talent crew on 4th April, this is not your first gig in our country: which kind of relationship, if we can call in this way, have you got with our beautiful homeland?

I love it, I’m from the Mediterranean so I get the energy, the feisty atmosphere and the hot blooded feelings we all get hit by under one roof. I can’t wait to be back again!

Maybe you don’t know it, or maybe you do, but i’m just letting you know that Neapolitan crowd is really really emotional and impressive: what are you expecting from Go Bang event on 4th April?

Nothing less! I’m a very emotional person too and I’m also very passionate – this combination can never go wrong when we experience the music that elevates us very high. I’ve been to Naples a few times already; I have a feeling this time will be even more special.

You are ready to release  an EP with the King, Carl Cox: how you fell working back to back with an icon like him?

A queen can only attract a king ahahah !!! It was incredible, actually it was magic. The chemistry we emulated on stage together was very unique last week in Miami at my In The Mood pool party. A lot of people came up to us and expressed how much they felt the music and the emotions we gave them through our energies.  We speak the same language – house & techno.

I get a smart insider from your’s, you are ready to set a personal radio show: could you tell us the core features of this fresh project? 

It will encompass all genres of house and techno. I will be featuring anything from old and new, the music that touches me, whether I’m playing a house set or techno from my live shows. Most people know me for my deep hypnotic percussive techno but I also play a lot of house, especially when I play 10 hours sets in New York and Canada. I warm my self up with deep vocal house usually, so I’m very excited to have this platform and the freedom to play what I love.

Could you unveil your future plans for next months on studio side?

I just got back to London from touring for four months in the states and Latin America. I will head back again to the studio next week, where I am preparing a project with Skin from Skunk Anansie. We have plans to work on an album together. It is still early days to say anything yet but this will be one for the books I’m sure. We already completed an EP together scheduled to come out after the Summer.

We are ready to kick off Ibiza 2014 season, what are you expecting from and where we can find Nicole Moudaber this summer in the magic island? 

I will be based in Ibiza for 3 months this summer, make sure to stop by at Space where I will be playing with Carl Cox, Music On with Marco Carola and DC10 with Jamie Jones. 

Was a pleasure to spend time with you!

Interview by Gill

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