Nightshift Interview

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– Was the UK a good place to experience electronic music as a teenager? What were your first experiences of it all?
The UK was and still is undoubtedly the best place to experience electronic music. We were spoilt back then and we still are now.
I’d say my first experience of electronic music was when I bought the Prodigys legendary album ‘Fat Of The Land’ on cassette. I was generally blown away. From then on I was a huge hardcore / drum and base fan and eventually found my passion which was UK garage and I was lucky enough to catch the golden era of the middle to late 90’s.

– Do you think it’s better or worse than it used to be there for house music these days? Or is it just different?
For the scene here in London and the UK it is undoubtedly better and that’s mainly due to us putting our own twist on it and pulling in a huge following. With that people are now exploring other elements of house and its history. 5 years ago kids were listening to grime and now they’re listening to house music its crazy.

– So where are the best clubs to go to if we’re visiting then?
There’s endless amounts but one in particular would be Audio Rehab at the Ministry of Sound London. Great music, great vibe, and an all round epic night.

– Have you ever considered moving abroad? Are you just as motivated and inspired as you’ve ever been within the British scene?
I think I’d struggle to move abroad. I love London and the music too much haha

– Are there ever times where you struggle for inspiration then? What do you do in those instances?
I think every producer struggles for inspiration at times and in those instances I tend to explore soundcloud. Believe me when I say I’ve herd tracks from producers with 3 or 4 followers on soundcloud that I’ve drawn inspiration from.

– What do you consider your proudest moment as a producer to date?
Without a doubt being asked to do a remix for Pete Tongs legendary record label FFRR. I must admit I did give myself a pat on the back.

– And aside from yourself, what other DJs should we be looking out for?
There’s so many great DJs here so that’s a tough question. I think as the whole package Louie Anderson, Riaz Dhanani and Arun Verone take some beating. One other guy I’m feeling in particular at the moment is DJ Blaise. He is without a doubt one of tightest DJs on the circuit.

– Do you go out clubbing much these days? Who was the last DJ/producer to really impress you in that regard?
I don’t really have time at the minute to go clubbing as I’m normally on the other side of the decks haha, however I’d say the last act to impress me would be the Kool Katz from “Cuff”. Them guys know how to put on a show.

– And what’s your involvement like in the scene at home?
Healthy and I hope it stays that way J. I’ve been busy in the studio the last couple of weeks making sure fresh material is always there if need be. I’ve seen a lot of guys take their foot of the pedal and be overtaken by some great new producers, so it is important for me to stay busy and relevant.

– What constitutes success for you as a producer? Who influences your work the most?
I’ve often asked myself this question regarding success. I’m in a better position now than I ever thought I would be so that constitutes success for me, anything else is purely a bonus.

– So can you tell us a bit about your latest release? How did it come about?
I remember making ‘Dancefloor’ well over a year ago and sent it to Amine Edge who regularly played the track out. It didn’t take long before my inbox was filling up with messages asking about a release date. I must admit I did sit on it for a while so I could put it exclusively in my sets, then I decided to set a release date nearly a year later but I’m glad I chose to wait and build the buzz.

– Did the EP end up as you hoped it would? Or do you generally go off on tangents when you’re producing?
The EP ended up even better than I thought it would. My label buddies Riaz Dhanani and Louie Anderson worked their magic on two great remixes. I feel the EP has something for everyone.

– Are you very picky about where your music gets signed to? Is it important that the label has a similar ethos to yourself?
Ermm not particularly, as long as the music they are putting out appeals to me and has a steady following then I’m all ears.

– If you could produce on one other label and with one other producer, what would they be and why?
That’s easy, Jamie Jones and Hot Creations. He was one of the main reasons I converted to a more techy and deep style of house music. I literally changed my sound completely. Before that I was listening to and producing UK garage and soulful house so when I came across Jamie Jones I was hooked on the sound instantly.

– What’s next for you that you’re particularly excited about?
I have taken a lot of DJ bookings already this year but I’m particularly excited about a festival here in June called “The New Dawn Festival” The lineup looks amazing and will be epic to play alongside some of the guys I grew up listening to.

– If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you bring?
A bucket and spade.

– And what albums will you bring?
I’m a huge hip hop fan so I would have to say Big Pun (Capital punishment) and Biggie Smalls (Ready to die).

– And what are you most excited for about 2015?
The not knowing what’s going to happen musically.

Interview by Dan Mackenzie


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