Graze “Edges”

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Artist: Graze
Title: Edges
Label: New Kanada
Cat. #: NK47
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 3rd 2013
1. Skip/Crush
2. Cold Drop
3. Airror
4. Scrap
5. Stack Array
6. Ripley
7. GoldN
8. Oath

Fate moves in mysterious ways. The duo of Graze, aka Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen, were destined to be making music together many years before it actually happened. Born ten years apart, both hail from the same Toronto suburb, and even lived on the same street.

Adam, who is a skilled musician and graphic designer, cut his teeth in the mid-90s in Detroit and Chicago. By the end of the 90s he was an in-demand DJ playing underground house and techno in Toronto and starting to release solo EPs. By 2006, he had started his own label New Kanada. His aim was to “release music that I believe in. I don’t care that much about “styles”, but rather what is passionate – and what is not.”

Christian came to electronic music by a longer route, starting out as a drummer in a heavy metal band but abandoning it to become a jungle DJ. He was inspired to make music by the early works of DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, and Aphex Twin. His production was not just a hobby though – Christian is also educated as an audio engineer. This heady mix would lead him, under the alias XI, to become the first Canadian dubstep artist to release on UK label Off Road Recordings.

In many ways the story of Graze is the story and history of the fertile Toronto electronic music scene. Christian notes “Canada has always been far ahead of the curve in North America from my perspective. The scene here battles against the weight of its interest and what it can provide in terms of cash in the box, people on the floor support. In my opinion it’s that struggle that makes this scene, which always appears on the verge of disappearing, great to be a part of. Everyone knows that this could all go away in an instant, and that makes the involvement of every person feel important and special.”

Within a year of meeting the two decided to start working on tracks. Fortunately for them, the outcome was undeniably electric. That first session aimed deliberately for a territory between their respective backgrounds, ignoring the polar extremes of gimmicky party jams or flaccid experimental broodiness. The Graze EP was released at the start of 2013, with Pitchfork noting that it “manages the tricky feat of oozing emotiveness while also sounding very, very deep.”

Graze have continued to work hard at their craft, developing a powerful live show which premiered at Mutek Festival in Montreal this past June. A two-track single on New Kanada followed in July, with DJ Mag declaring “Some people just stand out in a crowd…a full head and broad labourer’s shoulders above anyone else.” Now comes their powerful debut full length.

Edges is an assured debut from a duo you are sure to be hearing of for a long time to come. The album will be preceded and followed by two 180g vinyl 12” EPs

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