Graze “Soft Gamma Repeater”

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Artists: GrazeNK54
Title: Soft Gamma Repeater
Label: New Kanada
Cat. #: NK54
Formats: Digital, 3 x 12″ vinyl
Release Date: November 17th 2014
1. Circadia
2. Banding
3. Gneiss
4. Swarz
5. Uprizen
6. Antnna
7. Veil (Empty Mix)

A year after the publishing of “Edges” the Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen duo a.k.a. Graze is going to release another album called “Soft Gamma Repeater”.
With these tracks they demonstrate they spent their time discovering new sonorities and styles, if I’d make a comparison between the two albums this one is very looking into the future, resulting as whole intriguing and fascinating. Hope that the guys will continue to develop their sound and to explore different music styles.
That’s very nice, hands down!

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