Breach & Cinnaman “Liberty / Avocado”

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Artist: NKD010Breach & Cinnaman
Title: Liberty / Avocado
Label: Naked Naked
Cat. #: NKD010
Formats: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: December 1st 2014
A. Liberty
B. Avocado

The next release on Breach’s Naked Naked is the result of a collaboration between him and Cinnaman, two different tracks in terms of composition and sound proposed.
In the first song called “liberty” the producers put before everything a melancholic attitude that matches good with the main synths notes.
In contrast with that in “Avocado” they played with a popular vocal loop sorrounded by a smooth combination of drums and bass, accompanied by a simple pad and a violin sample that create a positive and happy vibe.


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