Noah Pred ‘Monotasking EP’

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Artist: Noah PredTLM063
Title: Monotasking EP
Remixer: Brendon Moeller
Release Date: APRIL 17 (vinyl) | MAY 1 (digital)
Label: Thoughtless Music
Cat. #: TLM063
Distribution: IPV | Decks

Following some stunning EPs for Cynosure and Highgrade Records, Thoughtless Music chief Noah Pred delivers the first dedicated release for his own label since his Blind Alignments full-length three full years ago! Pred hasn’t exactly been resting around on his laurels, however – besides a big transatlantic relocation from Toronto to Berlin and his new partnership with the Highgrade Booking agency, he’s been prepping a busy release schedule for 2012 that kicks off with the new single for Thoughtless – Monotasking. Delving into new artistic territory while retaining his own unique voice, Pred ambitiously explores peak-time terrain on two excellent new original tracks “Monotasking” and “Colorchasm”. On remix duties New York’s dub techno maestro Brendon Moeller delivers two versions of his own remix, with rich, warm Detroit tones that are guaranteed to hit all the right buttons!

Majestic yet joyous, “Monotasking” is a 9-minute love letter to the euphoric lost dancefloors of the mid-nineties, written in a contemporary hand. Merging hypnotic polyrhythms, quirky swinging drums and a jacking minimal groove, it’s the huge modulating harmonic chords that soon enter and take center stage, transcending their elusive simplicity with an evocative flowing narrative before drifting off into translucency. The digital-only “Acid Chapter Edit” reinvigorates the percussion work from the original and adds a sly synth bass towards the end. Up next, “Colorchasm” is an ode to Pred’s techno roots with its massive rolling sub-bass, syncopated, intertwining rhythms and his own dubbed-out guitar work. Last but not least, with an album for Electric Deluxe on the horizon, Brendon Moeller delivers two remix versions that channel the dynamic journey of the original chords amongst rich analog bass and juxtaposed stabs of his own, pushing the track’s Motor City tendencies to the forefront.

Pulling no punches, Monotasking is perhaps Noah Pred’s most fearless work to date with no better home than Thoughtless! The label have further solidified their reputation as one of Canada’s best for house and techno with a nomination in the 2012 Juno awards (Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy) for best Electronic Music Album – a truly esteemed honor and a testament to the quality of output from Thoughtless under Pred’s watchful A&R.


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