CØmpass / MTD “NSP002 EP”

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Pascal Roeder (CØmpass) and Nicola Belligoli (MTD) get featured in the last release of NSP Music, producing some fresh and good techno tracks.
The opening track “3RT1L” made by CØmpass have a broken beat rhythm accompanied by a sinuous synth line, which helps to build a relaxing and limpid atmosphere. “Above The Club” with its solid and great reverbered kickdrum adds a warehouse techno vibe, but maintains a dreamy approach because the introduction of an exciting arpeggio.
MTD focusses his sound on dark and industrial influences. “The Prophecy” and “The Question” are solid and straight to the dancefloor, build with a typical loopy-like structure filled with hypnotic and anxious sounds.

NSP Music


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