Nuage “Neida”

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We don’t know so much about Nuage, apart the fact he’s a producer from St. Petersburg, Russia, but after listening his release “Neida” we’re pretty sure that we won’t easly forget his unique music style.
It can be categorized into a contemporary and fresh flow, where progressive house and deep house is melt in a soft and delicious way – Anjunadeep covers with its releases this kind of stuff, but there are dozens of great labels and artists around who make this kind of music.
In the overall “Neida” have a good potential also in terms of longevity, hopefully these tracks won’t pass away fastly like the 90% of the songs published nowadays.

Project: Mooncircle – August 18th 2015

01 Nulla
02 Haunting
03 Spring Ghosts
04 Best Mistake
05 Neida feat. Olga Maximova
06 Overflow feat. Olga Maximova
07 Erased (digital bonus)
08 If I Found (digital bonus)


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