Nubian Mindz ‘Human Natures EP’

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EXP028_resizedArtist: Nubian Mindz
Title: Human Natures EP
Label: Exprezoo
Remixers: Random Odyssey, Vaghe Stelle
Cat. #: EXP028
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 3rd 2012

1. Human Natures
2. Lost Militants
3. Dancing Rooms
4. Cosmosis
5. Human Natures (Random Odyssey’s Remix)
6. Human Natures (Vaghe Stelle Remix)

The music we like is the one that escapes the notion of “contemporary”, that sounds like it always came from a distant future and does’nt fall in a specific genre or trend, but is just great, regardless of the moment or the context: pieces of art that tell you something different every time you listen to them.
Nubian Mindz is an experienced producer, and his techno smells like future, just like the one by the oldschool maestros, the one where you can’t tell if it comes from 15 years ago, from yesterday or from 2030; just like experienced producers, besides, Colin can do almost everything, ranging without any problems from “Human natures“‘s classic Detroit techno to “Dancing rooms“‘s trippy pads (sounding a lot like the best releases on Kanzleramt!), going through some broken percussion patterns in “Lost militants” and ending in an intergalactic romance with “Cosmosis“.

But could we consider ourselves to be satisfied by *just* four awesome tracks?

Of course not, that’s why we asked a couple of friends of ours to remix the title track, and the result is way more than just a filler: Massi DL’s remix (in his Random Odyssey persona) keeps the Detroit feeling alive and adds his trademark crunchy drums, while Vaghe Stelle literally tears the whole thing apart, rearranging everything in a disconnected journey through light and darkness.


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