Nuklear Default ‘303’

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Artists: Nuklear Default
Title: 303
Label: Soniculture Unlimited
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 4th, 2013
Distribution: Kompakt
01. 303
02. Acid Is Back
03. Filthy
04. Hypnotic – Part 2z

From the producer of the famous “Hypnotic” EP on Soniculture Unlimited 010, where tracks like “Clearing” and “1000” where hits played by the most well- known djs like Richie Hawtin and Ben Klock, we now have this brand new floor filling EP where Lewis Fautzi, now re-baptized as Nuklear Default, takes us on another joyful ride of groovy techno. This is going to be a big one.

Explorations in acid are the mottos of “303” and “Acid is back”. Nobody can turn his back on the syle that made dancefloors what they are today and here we have a new modern view of things. “Rocking” and “Intense” are just few words we can use to describe these floor filling bombers. Get ready for a ride down the acid alley.

“Filthy” goes in another direction, where dub and techno are present and arranged with very strong drum programming. Again, the dancefloor is the target and the will to go crazy should arise and be huge.

As a bonus, we are including a brand new version of “Hypnotic”, that was originally released on the aforementioned Soniculture Unlimited 010.It is so amazing that we didn’t resist to add it to the package.

Let yourself be hypnotized by the sounds of the future.




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