– Trice Recordings is one of the youngest labels under Armada that is releasing high quality electro stuff under this new reinvented way from a lot of forthcoming artists like you, Tom Fall, Daleri, Danny Dove, Kryder, Tocadisco, Dabruk & Klein and many more. How do you feel to get released here and to be involved in this project?
We feel great about the release on Trice. This label is amazing to work with and always has the right attitude to promote each release they sign. Jake actually has two releases out on trice after his bomb, “Justice” came out a few weeks before, “We Are”. The label connects with all the right artists, does great promotion, and stands behind their artists and represents them with great respect.

– You came from different and very distant countries, how did you come across and what can you tell us about this collaboration?
Carl & I are actually more like a “duo” that we don’t have a name for yet. We do live across the world from eachother, but with skype and screen sharing now a days it’s so simple to collaborate. We just set up our servers/dropbox/sugarsync and it’s so simple to drag and drop our audio files for each project. Being that we work in different DAW’s it does make it a little tougher, but we still get around it and work efficient on each project.

We actually met 2-3 years ago through a label that we were both on, New School Recordings. Jake approached Carl with a few projects he was working on and Carl knew right away that we would have a healthy work relationship.

For this specific collaboration Carl started the project in Guatemala with the bassline design. He then gave it to Jake for a second opinion and he fell in love with the concept.  Jake made the melodies, and started to arrange the song. We then got around to have the song close to done and  Carl flew into NYC to finish the track in Jakes studio. Once the track was done we sent over to Trice for approval, they instantly loved it, and then pitched us the idea to bring Shaun Frank on board. We loved it, and now it’s one of our favourite records to play out.

– What about your music background, and how did you get interested in this genre?
Jake has actually never taken music classes before, he is self-taught. Carl is actually the same way, teaching him self everything what he knows. In Guatemala, Carl teaches how to produce EDM to younger artists. We both love experimenting with EDM, as both of us started somewhere in the techno, then trance genre. Progressive House and Electro are obviously hot right now and everyone is trying to make this style of music, but we feel only a select few artists truly stand out within the thousands. It’s a very tough genre to make it in, as there is such a large amount of producers right now, but if you stand back and listen you will see who are the top dogs. We believe we are bringing are own sound to the table and are starting to get fans with similar style and sound, that is the goal.

– Your track “We Are” got a lyric with a strong message. In the press release I see you said “it’s about Unity, and us all being in this world together”. Do you think that nowadays progress and politics still do not do enough to fight social inequalities?
The fact that “We Are All The Same” is somewhat true because we are all trying to accomplish our goals and have a successful life. But there are still many social problems within our culture that push some people away and turn them off. We still are missing unity in the world, and are slowly coming together as one, hopefully the song and video portrays that message.

– Music videos got a huge impact in the 80s and in the 90s also with the develop of tv channels like MTV, after videos got a sort of break and lately with the popularity of the web, Youtube etc. the whole thing has raised up again. Did you ever think “I would see my track featured on a music video”?
To be honest the whole music video thing didn’t appeal much to Jake. It seems like so much work and effort and sometimes investment to get an end result. But then again Jake saw the potential in this song, Carl pitched the idea of doing the video. We both were on board once we started plotting a concept on paper about the video, it just made sense. Like you said videos use to be all that we watched on MTV, and now with the internet it seems youtube is a huge saver for todays film crews.

We flew in our team from Guatemala, Luis & Andrew from Surreal Films, these guys really are professional. We really never thought at this stage in our careers we would have a music video on the #1 labels channel in the world, Armada. It has been great, and well worth the time we put into this project. We just needed to find the right project to put a music video effort into, and I think we found it with “We Are”.

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you want to tell us about?
We have a lot of new material sitting on the hard drives right now you could say. We both work on music every single day for 6-8 hours, so that gives you an idea of how much material we can gather in a quick amount of time. Both of us are planning artists albums later in 2013, along with a few major remixes coming out. Singles are always in the mix, but always seem to take a lot more time than the average remix/mashup/etc. We also are working on a follow up of, “WE ARE” already, and can’t wait to share with everyone in a few months. Both of us are in plan of going on tour this year, management is working on this now, and we might actually be going on tour together, it’s all to come in the future.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
We thank you guys so much for having us, we wish everyone luck in 2013 and thank you so much for all the support from all angles on, “We Are”. Cheers!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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