NX1 ”NX1 Remixed EP 2”

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Artist: NX1
Title: NX1 Remixed EP 2
Label: Nexe Records
Cat. #: NEXE002
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 9th October, 2017
01. NX1 – 015 (Orphx Remix)
02. NX1 – 013 (Scalameriya Remix)
03. NX1 – 014 (Lucido Remix)
04. NX1 – 022 (Surit Remix)

After more than 5 years releasing exclusively their own material on their own label and with 12 EP released since nowadays there, NX1 use now the cultivated experience through this years to launch Nexe Records, a new platform with which they open to release other related artists and collaborations that will rule the label.

To get started, Nexe Records opens with a 3 EP vinyl pack which contains 12 artists remixing released tracks from NX1. The rst three records are involving names such as AnD, Orphx, Blush Response, Ontal, Samot, P.E.A.R.L., Scalameriya, Go Hiyama, Surit, Lucindo, RE_P and The Exal- tics, a wide sort list that de ne the borders and possibilities of the sound that the duo purposes for this new label.

In the second EP we nd the canadian duo Orphx opening the record with an hypnotic driving techno remix. The serbian artist Scalameriya follows with a version that shows his top form raw incisive style. On the other side we nd the italian Lucindo who is taking a 4/4 original track to a strong broken techno version with sharp percussions and a deep dark bass. Closing the record there is Surit, half of NX1, delivering a rough peak time club tune that will satisfy the wishes of the most rawness dancers.



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