OCH ‘Time Tourism’

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ochArtist: OCH
Title: Time Tourism
Label: Systematic
Release Date: April
CD 1
Urashima Taro
Prince Agoo
Warm Lazy Days
Time Tourism (Dawn Mix)
Persian Dreams
Midnight at Noon

CD 2
Time Traveler
Process Research
Scandic Arp
Cold Memories
From Behind The Stars
Time Tourism (Album Version)
Brainwave Entertainment
The Code
Eyeline Future Skyline
Work da Groove (VIP Album Mix)
Robot Dawn
Game Over

OCH, meaning ‘AND’ in Swedish, is British born but now lives in Stockholm. He grew grew up around the time of the vibrant UK acid house and rave scene, and, after DJing and promoting his own events, began experimenting with music production on a small Atari-driven hardware set-up. His first EP ‘Dicken’s Tracks’ came on Baby Ford’s PAL SL imprint in 2010.

OCH has since released on Baby Ford’s Trelik (‘Whalesong’ reached number 1 in the Groove Mag chart), Bass Culture and his own Autoreply imprint, which has received underground acclaim hosting the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Claro Intelecto, Ed Davenport, Dan Curtin, Mark Broom and Agaric.

An equally in-demand remix artist, OCH has graced labels such as Visionquest, Bass Culture and Hold Youth, alongside boutique imprints like Minimood Extra and Movida. He released his first music on Systematic in 2012, with a remix of Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii’s ‘Taiyo’, here the relationship with Marc Romboy began and lead to the release of OCH’s debut artist album, ‘Time Tourism’.

“I met OCH four years ago, during a show at a club called Babel in Malmö, Sweden. His distinctive, dark and atmospheric Detroit techno set caught me from the first second and I was impressed how touching and contemporary he interpreted this fine genre. I spontaneously asked him to produce a remix of ‘Taiyo’ and was very happy with the result. Since these days I have the honor to release his stuff on Systematic and his debut album “Time tourism” is a logical consequence of the entire development…” – Marc Romboy

“For ‘Time Tourism’ I wanted to do something that was contemporary but with a very ‘timeless’ feel. Something deep, colourful and emotive that flows if listened from start to finish. To describe it I use the word ‘psychedelic’ loosely, something that puts you into another place and dimension when you listen it. Hence the name ‘Time Tourism’. I remember reading about some scientist saying eventually we may be able to transport ourselves back or forward to another place, but its not a sci-fi or time machine influenced album … just something designed to achieve escapism.

I worked on it on and off for a couple of years, my son was born half way through so I paused then did some more. When all was done Marc and myself realised that we comfortably had enough quality and unique material to release as a double CD. The first disc represents music that can be enjoyed on warm summer afternoons into the darkness hours. The second is darker stuff from the peak hours of what I do, down to more sinister ‘real’ electro – this is the style I first started experimenting with on an Atari Computer and sampler in the early 90’s. I’m often asked to make stripped-back club records, which I love but it can be restricting, so I made the most of this album opportunity to display all of the sides of the OCH sound.” – OCH


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