OdD – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi Danny and Damian, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. Briefly, what can you say about your musical background and your first approaches to electronic music?
Hi, thanks for having us. My Granddad and Danny’s Dad were both musicians, so we were bought up and influenced by listening to them play Reggae, Ska, Jazz Soul from an early age.  I first got into electronic music from early Acid House and Hardcore from people like Prodigy, The Black Dog (the original 3) Future Sound Of London etc. They were my first inspirations to make electronic music.
Danny: I first discovered electronic music during high school, we would listen to House and Garage through pirate radio stations on our lunch breaks. I was always fascinated in listening to how a DJ would blend tracks together.

2. When did you start to produce your own songs and which are your main sources of inspiration?
I first got into production around 15 years ago.
Danny: I also got into production about 10 years ago. Together as OdD we started producing in 2011. We’re inspired by all things around us, everything has a rhythm, and of course the music we grew up to is hard wired into our sound.

3. When did you meet and what do you like of your common project, OdD?
We met in 2010 though mutual friends, we instantly got talking and had loads in common. After some time Damian invited me down to his studio to create some music together. The thing is once in a while aliens would abduct Damian, he’d return with a crazy musical creation that I would have to make some sense out of.  Luckily my ears were well earthed, but the outcome would be OdD.

4. What’s the story behind “Long Time Coming” and what’s your relationship with Sol Asylum?
We have always been inspired by the sound coming from Germany, for a long time we wanted to release on a label based in Berlin…hence the name ‘Long Time Coming’. Archie Hamilton, who had just signed an E.P of ours, put us in touch with the guys at the label. We got talking and were more than happy to do the debut release on the label.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
OdD Music has its fourth edition due out just before summer, its a lot more up-tempo with a great remix from Barac. This is his 1st official remix he’s done so we are really happy to have him on board.
Danny: We have just signed a track to a well know London based label that is due out in June. So keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Today the 21st of January 2014 “Long Time Coming” by OdD has been published on Sol Asylum.


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