Ohm & Kvadrant ‘Elevation EP’

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Artist: Ohm & Kvadrant
Title: Elevation EP
Remixer: Octal Industries
Label: Kontakt Records
Cat. #: KNT-1
Release date: 25-07-2017
1. Ejer
2. Laki
3. Laki (Octal Industries Remix)
4. Yding

This July will welcome the addition of a brand new label from Copenhagen exploring the realsm of dub-techno and run by the host of the legendary TweakFM show, Johnny Fredsgaard aka Kvadrant.

The inagural release contains four solid dub-techno influenced tracks made by Ohm and the label owner himself. The tracks were made as a collaboration between the two artists and are therefore a mixture of the edgy and rough Copenhagen sound and the cold soundscapes from Iceland. Icelandic artist Ohm is a part of the Thule family, his homeland’s leading dub techno label and over the years he’s teamed up with artists such as Exos and Octal Industries with whom he already released two EPs in 2017 on RAWAX and Taped Artifact and in late 2016 he made his latest contribution to Thule Records.

‘Ejer’ opens the release with vacillating pad swells, murky dub stabs and a robust rhythmic drive whilst the latter stages introduces an entrancing breakdown before reverting back to the dark and brooding groove. ‘Laki’ follows and lays focus on bumpy sub bass hits, weighty drums and snaking stab sequences.

Octal Industries steps up to rework ‘Laki’ next, adding his own intricate percussive touches to things whilst stirring in the original composition’s murky stabs and rumbling low end. ‘Yding’ then closes the package with a more groove-led, up-tempo approach shining light on pulsating subs, shuffled shakers and gliding chords.

Ohm & Kvadrant’s ‘Elevation’ EP is out on Kontakt Records 25th July 2017.


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