Okain Interview

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Please tell us abiout your French roots: how and why you decide to move from Paris to Berlin?
I decided to move to Berlin at the end of 2011. I felt I needed a litte bit of adventure as I grew up and spent all my life in Paris at the time. Berlin seemed the perfect place as it is a good environement to live as a musician. I felt in love with that city since the first time I went there back 2007.

How is life in Berlin? Do you still love the place as much as the first time you went? Is it a crazy lifestyle or a bit more laid back when you actually live there as opposed to visit?
Yes I still love to live here. My life in Berlin is probably more laidback than the thousands of people that comes every weekend to party. I mostly spend time in my studio during the week and I am traveling on the weekends. If I am here on weekends I rarely go to a club but if I want to, it s a pleasure and inspiring to experience such a great nightlife.

Talman is obviously a big deal for you, your first label. What’s the label’s mission and how is it all going so far?
I setup the label almost two years ago. Back then the goal was to release my own music. I felt I wanted to produce deeper music again and instead of reaching out new labels it was a good option to setup a platform where I would release anything I want.
After the four first releases by myself the goal of the label as developped and I also want to present other artists. This is why we are doing this first various artist release that present some of my favorite producers and friends. This is just the begining as I am planing some full ep from other artists. We are also expanding this to events and we are doing our first label showcase in a couple of weeks. I am feeling lucky that we gain a great support in such a small time.

What more can we expect from you and Talman over the next 6 months?
The next release is the various artist ep called Retro Future Chapter One with Paolo Rocco, Alix Alvarez, Stevn.aint.leavn and myself. Then after that I will have my next solo ep on the label and then an other release from a different artist that I will reveal soon.

Our research tells us you’re a complete vinyl addict. How has your passion grown over the years? And can you tell us a bit about your most prized records?
I have been collecting music on vinyl for 17 years now. When I started it was the only way to play music. Back then nobody was using CD to mix. I still feel vinyl are the best medium to collect music as I enjoy having a full release from an artist. It is much easier for me to rediscover some old records in my collection. Concerning my most prized record, it s difficult to say. I think the collection as a whole is more important than just a few records.

Do you have many gigs you’re really looking forward to over the next while? Will you be busy in the studio too?
I am always busy in the studio. It s one of my favorite place to be. Concerning the gigs I am lucky to travel a lot at the moment. I was just in Copenhagen last weekend and I am litteraly heading to Ukraine as I am answering you. The next destinations are Dubai, Warsaw and Berlin in the coming days. I feel really blessed to travel the world to play my music.


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