Oliver Chlass Interview

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Hi Oliver and welcome to Different Grooves!

Hi and thanks for having me!

 Let’s start from your roots: how did you gradute from hip hop to techno in your teenage years?

Oh, that’s my sisters fault! It was 1996 when she managed to get me past the bouncers and right into my first Techno party at the famous E-Werk clubs, one of the clubs that made Berlin electronic music scene what it is today. I still remember it like it was yesterday, Woody (Fumakilla) was playing, and left such a deep impression in the tender soul of the 14 year old that I was back then, that I’m still spellbound by that music.

Also another flash forward in your history: tell us something aboutyour old project, Liefeldt & Chlass?

We had met rather randomly at a private party where we both were DJing. And it just so happened that it musically clicked. For the next 5 years we were a DJ team and had a very good time together playing all over Berlin. But, as times passes and people mature they develop a different taste and a different approach towards making music. And since our friendship was more important to us than these differences, we decided at one point to hang out rather than continue.

How and why did you get in touch with Lebensfreude Records?

Gunne, Lebensfreude’s label head and I knew each other since a long time via DJing (what else, right?). We got along quite well, also musically and in regards to our understanding of the relationship a label should have with their artists. And what happened then is out in the open by now!

And what about Destroy All Monsters?

Now to me, at the present moment, Destroy All Monsters counts among the most interesting electronic music labels. It has a totally idiosyncratic style and a very clear label policy. The guys who behind it are a bit mysterious though. One of them, Zuckermann seems to move around and play in Asia a lot, and as far as I know he is based in Hong Kong right now and has a residency there. And the other guy, Negativ Dekadent I have never met in person either, but we are exchanging encryted mails on a regular basis (he refuses to speak on the phone or to use messenger or chat apps). Finally I could to do a remix for him and then he just created this terrific, magical remix of my track, “Magic Bleeps“ that I am very happy about.

You are playing at Sunday afterhours  @ Berlin’s Salon zur Wilden Renate soon: what are you expecting from this residency?

This is gonna be a wild one, like in the old days. There will be a number of my peeps and the party people I used to hang out with over the years and we all will fall out of Renate on Mondays mornings rather than Sunday evenings. As you may imagine, I’m really looking forward to that one!

Tell us your thoughts on the current Berlin scene?

I could write a book about it and have lengthy and meandric conversations on that topic as well. For the sake of brevity, the scene here is always changing, sometimes for the better, but sometimes for the worse too. Personally, I wish that people would appreciate a DJ’s taste, style and craft more, rather than just going for their names. Because unfortunately, names often disappoint, particularly when the music is performed with a laptop, sync button and a fixed, prepared playlist.

Oliver Chlass over the next 6 months: your next studio projects and some gigs you are really looking forward to?

Watch out for some hot shit, musically I’m always in for a surprise! I’m already looking forward to the New Year party (!) at MS Hoppetosse. A must dance!

Blow the whistle for Different Grooves!

Haha, will do, thanks a lot guys!

Oliver Chlass’ Magic Bleeps is out now on Destroy All Monsters. Check the release out here


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