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Xavier Januario (aka Oniris) grew up in the South of France, discovering electronic music in the mid-90s at a club called “Le Bal” in Saint Tropez, where the resident DJ used to play Chicago House, European and Detroit Techno. Bitten by the bug, Xavier bought himself a set of Technics 1210’s and started his 12” record collection, searching out the best new releases and playing at parties for his friends. At the time, the best record shop was Limelight Records in Cannes, who also organised raves and provided the young DJ with his first experiences of this phenomenon. But it was the huge Borealis Festival with 40,000 people that really blew his mind – the energy, the people, the place, the music, the show – it all made perfect sense.

At the dawn of the millennium, Xavier began to organize and DJ at free parties with some friends, leading to his first forays into the world of music production. By 2004, he was experimenting with Reason for fun, but because of an understandable lack of technique, the tracks were still at an experimental stage. It wasn’t until 2008, when he moved to a little island called Mayotte in the Indian Ocean (north of Madagascar) and bought Ableton that everything started to fall into place. Such isolation allowed the power of the Internet come to the fore, as Xavier worked his way through endless online tutorials and began to delve deeper into the art of electronic music production.

In 2011, the fledgling producer was on the move again, this time travelling 1,210 kilometres east from Australia into the heart of the southwest Pacific Ocean to a group of islands collectively known as New Caledonia, where he based himself in the capital – Nouméa – and produced his track “The Rebirth”, having connected via Soundcloud with Pat Brooks, a very talented musician and pianist from Portland (USA), who creates cinematic & orchestral music.

Pleased with the result, he sent it to fellow countryman Laurent Garnier, who came back to him two days later saying that he really loved the music and wanted to play it on his “It Is What It Is” radio show. Oniris was born when Garnier honoured the new artist by playing not one but two of his tracks on the influential show.

Since then, this exceptional new producer has been picking up praise and support from some of the world’s foremost forward-thinking artists & DJs. With Laurent Garnier waxing lyrical about Oniris on his radio show, and Oniris tracks becoming highlights in the sets of such illustrious people as John Digweed, Agoria, Psycatron, Marc Romboy and Ian O’Donovan, there is most definitely something very special going on. Bedrock has wisely snapped up the debut Oniris EP for release 11th March 2013.

The creator of some of the most sublime melodic techno that you will hear this year is now working on new material, including further experiments with Pat Brooks, mixing electronic music and classical music.

Laurent Garnier says…

“You must be kidding, do I like this??????? I have been hammering this guy’s music for the past year and everyone has been asking me about his tunes. I was about to start a brand new label just to release this guy’s music!!!!!!!!!! This is how good his music is! This guy is very special, there aren’t that many of this high standard around! Pure treasure!!!!!!!!!!”

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