Artist: O.P.T, Muff Deep & Samuel André Madsen8533_shawarma-house
Title: Shawarma House EP
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Label: Tartelet
Cat. #: tart022
Release Date: 13 August 2012
A. O.P.T – Street
B1. Muff Deep – Lost Soul
B2. Samuel André Madsen – Synthony

A1. O.P.T – Street (vinyl only)
Young, mysterious & straight outta nowhere O.P.T takes the lead with raw beats and a marvellous jazzy sample from the golden age of American music. This track is all class and will make your summer al fresco a guaranteed success.

B1. Muff Deep – Lost Soul
The Muff returns with fucked-up filter house, distorted rhythms and some very catchy vocals. Many find the moniker Muff Deep offensive but few know the story behind it. The guys actually wanted to be called Scissor Sisters but a group of flamboyant NY queers beat them to it.

B2. Samuel André Madsen – Synthony
Samuel never stops to amaze us. This time he delivers a slow melodramatic track with lush sounding synths and vocal samples from a famous 90’s hip-hop movie. It takes you down memory lane mesmerizing about long gone nights, back when life was still simple and innocent.


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