Jaures “Silence”

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The fifth vinyl of Die Orakel records is produced by the unknown Berliner collective Jaures, who made three beautiful versions of “Silence”. The “After Death” version is focussed on a mixture of raw and analogue techno sounds, where an essencial drum loop meets a dreamy acid line. Next we found the “Inbetween” mix, which is the most advanced track of the release: it goes wild with broken beats and futuristic/footwork sounds, reminding us some releases on Black Acre records.
The last one is the “Before Birth” mix, that shows a return to the origins with classic and dirty hip hop drum machine sounds.

Die Orakel – July 13th 2015
A1. Silence (After Death)
A2. Silence (Inbetween)
B. Silence (Before Birth)



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