The New York based Joseph Longo III debuts on Ornaments under his moniker French Touch 2: this EP features some brilliant and classy soulful / deep productions, revealing an unmistakable U.S.A. touch all over the tracks. On the flip there’s also space for some real oldschool hip hop stuff, a particular and diverse choice for Ornaments.

Ornaments – May 29th 2017
A1 – “Come On” (Frédo Remix)
A2 – “Breakin Necks” (Papastomp Remix)
A3 – “Crowd Jumpin” (DJ PH Remix)
B1 – “What Would You Change” (feat. Teddy.G)
B2 – “Yes Yes Y’all” (feat. Benjamin Muller)
B3 – “Check Out” (Déni Shaïn Remix)
B4 – “Movin Up” (feat. Ben Muller)

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