Ortin Cam ‘Take Over’

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lr049Artist: Ortin Cam
Title: Take Over
Remixer: Flavio Diaz
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR049
Release Date: 02-11-2015
Take Over
Trim (Flavio Diaz Remix)

Loose Records has teamed up with Ortin Cam to present “Take Over” a new single that revels in everything the genre can do. Building on a fascination with underground techno music that began at the age of 15, Tom Macoye took on the name Ortin Cam a mere two years later, pulling up the curtain on an onslaught of releases that followed. After developing from an exclusively live act into a studio killer, Cam was asked to create the anthem for the 2006 I Love Techno festival, and since then has released a heap of collaborations and original tracks, not to mention forming his own label ‘ROOTS’ with N.E.W.S. His partnership with Loose Records also features a Flavio Diaz remix of “Trim,” bringing Diaz’s signature expertise in rhythms as diverse as salsa and funk into the EP. The song demonstrates how this unique talent is expanding across the European techno circuits excellently. Diaz prowess as both a DJ and producer are obvious here, and adds a fantastic spice to an already triumphant collection.

Ortin Cam, “Take Over” – Sprinting out of the gate with another thoroughly catchy beat, robotic warbling and hissing effects slither out from under instrumentals that climb to mind-blowing highs. All of this would be enough, but the track blows it all out of the water halfway in with an absolute blast of a beat, throwing listeners into an all-out frenzy that won’t leave anyone standing still or able to forget this hit anytime soon.

Ortin Cam, “Trim” – Pure joy bounces out of the intro here in a way that is almost cartoonish as the claps join in, chiming along with the same mirthful beats before being joined by even more upbeat notes that push the tempo to new heights. As fun as it is, this track is a complex one, dropping listeners at the halfway point then hoisting them up again into some serious hit territory. Whether blowing out the club or pulling the curtain on some smaller scale good times, no DJ could go wrong spinning this one for whoever’s up for quality electronic music.

Ortin Cam, “Trim” Flavio Diaz Remix – High hats skip over a floor-shaking bass in Diaz’s remix, playing with the sweet simplicity that makes the original shine so brightly. Inventive and surprising, listeners are treated to strange but effective experiments here, as what sounds like splitting fruit heralds crackling synth percussions, then an almost 90s-feeling tropical influence that is dramatic, fun, and definitely too interesting to listen to only once.


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