Oscar Lindahl Interview

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– You’re from Germany right? Was it a good place to experience electronic music as a teenager?
“Ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch :)” I’m actually half Swedish half Irish, but was born & grew up in Spain. Wasn’t the best for electronic music, there were some good opportunities available, I relied more on the Internet to hear what was going on in other cities. Now based in Berlin, there is no need for that anymore :p

– What were your first experiences of it all? Do you remember your first rave?
Well my first real experience of electronic music, was during my nightshifts when sailing across the Atlantic to Spain, it was just me and the elements with the drive of the music. My first nights experience of clubbing were in my home town “Marbella” I was under-age to go to this one club, but I managed to get in, so I could listen to one of the residents back in 2007. I would just want to feel the music; I then started to become more observant to the response of the crowd in relation to the music journey in the DJ set.

– And when did you begin to take it seriously? When did you start to concentrate on making your own music?
I began to take DJing seriously in 2009 when I was 18, and got my first DJ residency, where the management of the club were interested in being known for playing upfront house rather than just chart toppers, which was just what I was looking for. The production side kicked off in late 2010, when I went to university to study my Audio Engineering B.A. at SAE London.

– Did you have a mentor in that respect? Or are you entirely self-taught?
Yes, I was fortunate enough to meet the founder of Beats4Life records, DJ Vas. Who really taught me the fundamental elements of House music and its history, giving me the keys to open new doors, setting my foundation in DJing and producing.
Now I am based in Berlin at Riverside studios (http://riversidestudios.de). Thanks to my manager Reinhard Raith who shares and supports my vision, he gave me the opportunity to become a part of the Riverside creative community. At Riverside I am surrounded by hugely talented Writers, Producers & Musicians. Who have taught me a lot and keep giving me tips, which further enhances my abilities.

– So who was your main influence back then? And who continues to influence you to this day?
I would have to say one of my main influences has been Dennis Ferrer, tracks such as “Touched The Sky” really gave me a different interpretation of House. Today the list is endless, artists such as Kings Of Tomorrow, Audiowhores, Supernova, Christian Nielsen, Kerri Chandler and many more.

– Do you think it’s better or worse than it used to be in Germany for house music these days? Or just different?
I can’t really say, as I’ve only been in Berlin for the past year. However from my personal view on a global scale I think the scene is growing and developing more than ever before thanks to the lack of communication barriers though the Internet.

– Do you get out much nowadays then? What are your favorite clubs in Berlin?
I get out as much as I can :) My favorite clubs would be Watergate, Cookies (R.I.P.), Kater Blau & Chalet. But I still have many more to see.

– And whats been your favorite gig ever in the city? Do you get to play abroad much too?
My favorite experience so far was actually my first gig in Berlin, which was a private party at a office building which had a warehouse feel to it, being intimate number of 200 people but a vibe that was just unique. I’ve been playing abroad several times in the UK, Switzerland & Spain. At the moment I’m focused on writing and producing more tracks. Of course I’m looking forward to be traveling around more next summer. :)

– Have you ever considered moving abroad? Are you just as motivated and inspired as youve ever been within the German scene?
I was born as a traveling soul… :)

– Are there ever times were you struggle for inspiration then? What do you do in those instances?
Of course, writers block is not the most motivating thing to have. But what gets me out that state of mind is to Meditate and go for a good walk around the city and listen to my favorite tracks at that time.

– You have quite a melodic and crossover sound. Where does that stem from?
I love melodies, and always when writing a track it is what just comes to me by humming.
Crossover tracks interest me; I would have to say that it comes from listening to so many beloved records and wondering why they were not featured as much to the mainstream audience.
Also during some of my DJ sets where I played certain crossover tracks I experienced occasions where a mainstream audience would get into a more upfront house sound. This got me thinking of focusing on building a bridge between them.

– And aside from yourself, what other German DJs should we be looking out for in your opinion?
I would say Andre Lodemann, Tube & Berger, Ed Ed.

– You have Barbara Tucker doing vocals on your latest. How did that one come about?
I actually had a gig in Ibiza in summer 2013 and Barbara was doing a live performance at the same gig with DJ Q, being a big fan of many of her records I just had to say hello, we had a great talk both her and DJ Q. Thanks to my management (Apart12) we organized a recording session in mid 2014 at Riverside Studios (Berlin) and the rest is history

– What constitutes success for you as a producer?
I think this would be the point where writing a track becomes second nature in both the technical side and creative side. To have the flexibility to work with multiple different styles and artists outside your comfort zone with no hesitation. It is a subject where one learns new things everyday…

– So what are your hopes and dreams as a musician? Where would you like to be in 5 years time with it all?
I would have to say traveling and exploring different cultures while touring is something I’m looking forward to, especially South America and Southern Asia. Collaborating with some of my favorite artists, developing my style and growing more. Thoughts of a label and brand are also stirring up :)

– So are you still developing your sound in a way? Are real musicians ever satisfied with their sound?
I think every artist is constantly developing their sound, every track can be seen as a step stone in that development. Personally I enjoy the fact of constant development for both producing and DJing. You just have to learn to let go of a track and move on to the next, otherwise you are constantly trying to perfect it.

– So is music a full-time thing for you now? What are your other hobbies?
Yes music has become full-time and I am really grateful for it, other than that is would be Kite-surfing and Free-ride skiing & Sailing, but they require traveling abroad at the moment.

– Did the EP end up as you hoped it would? Or do you generally go off on tangents when youre producing?
I am really happy with the way the EP turned out, there was a lot of hard work behind it, pushing oneself to be highly productive and creative with a deadline   at the brink of the horizon can be hard but it’s a matter of getting at it, the feeling of completion is well worth every struggle.

– Can you tell us a bit about the production process and how that worked?
It started out with writing an instrumental track, which was actually different to the final concept but once the lyrics where written with Barbara Tucker and DJ Q and the vocals were recorded then other ideas came to mind, I had an urge for introducing a live baseline feel, with piano chord stabs. Plus I wanted to introduce a saxophone to make the track more of a crossover, but I also wanted to keep it minimalistic with short notes, working with Miss Saxo Vaya was great, as she completely got the feel for the idea and we got just what we wanted.

– If you could produce on one other label and with one other producer, what would they be and why?
Hard to say, I’ve always loved Defected Records for their releases and I am big fan of the productions from Kings Of Tomorrow, so that would be something I would gladly be a part of.

– What’s next for you that youre particularly excited about?
Well at the moment I am writing three new instrumental tracks, which I’m seeking to add vocals to. Also I have a new set of gigs in new locations which I’m eager for.

– What 5 tracks are you playing non-stop right now?
Romanthony – What $ Love (What Price Love) (Supernova Dirty Mix) [Glasgow Underground]

Harry Romero, Joeski, Shawnee Taylor – Get It Right (Club Mix) [Defected]

Kisch – Everything I Need (Original Mix) [Love Inc]

Life Beyond Earth, Starving Yet Full – Playground (Original Mix) [Needwant 100]

Christian Nielsen – Do You Mind – Play it Down

– And what are your new years resolutions?
Just staying true to myself and the love house music… :)

Interiew by James Hopkins


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