Oscar Mulero ‘Hyperbolic Paths’

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token64-artworkArtist: Oscar Mulero
Title: Hyperbolic Paths
Label: Token
Cat. #: TOKEN64
Release Date: September 16th, 2016
A1 / 1. Hyperbolic Paths
A2 / 2. Suborbital Trajectories
B1 / 2. Inclination
B2 / 4. Eccentricity

Oscar Mulero is a one-man techno institution. Operating out of Madrid since the late 1980s, his productions reflect his deep understanding of techno through his tireless and disciplined work behind the decks. After his first release on Token in 2008, the ferocious Take Seven EP, Mulero teamed up with the comparably-accomplished Christian Wünsch for two more Token releases as Spherical Coordinates, sophisticated offerings of refined big room and bleep tracks.

Now he’s back with another solo 4-track contribution that feels like classic Mulero. Hyperbolic Paths is simultaneously deep and bleepy, accented by hi-hats in syncopation. The tom-heavy Suborbital Trajectories carries a serious groove, layered with lively melodic elements and an occasional unexpected statement cymbal crash. A haunting and hypnotic number, Inclination swells and increases in intensity, rolling on after its breakdown with a playful kick-clap interaction. Eccentricity is a spacious, dubby closing track with reverb-soaked ornamental splashes.


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