Artists: Heiko Laux & Alexander Lukat
Title: Lucho EP
Label: Ovum Recordings
Cat. #: OVM236
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 28th 2013
1. Lucho Part 1
2. Lucho Part 2

Without pausing for breath, Heiko follows up last week’s ‘Canis Major’ EP with another double whammy, this time alongside Alexander Lukat.

In Part 1, Laux and Lukat expertly cultivate a dank aura of seismic dread, dominated by a thunderous low-end which thrums beneath the surface like a beast from the deep. A dense latticework of hi-hats and backbeats whir and converge amongst each other, whilst pressure valves burst and hiss in the background.

Part 2 flips the vibe on its head and invokes the ghost of rave to create a punishing techno workout that bristles with spectral hoover-like salvos, and an ongoing volley of classic chord stabs.

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