Josh Wink “Denial”

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Artist: Josh WinkOVUM_254Jacket_Digital_1500
Title: Denial
Label: Ovum Recordings
Cat. #: OVM254
Format: Digital, vinyl
1. Denial (Original Mix)
2. Denial (Prise D’acid)
3. Denial (Tweak Dub)

Forthcoming on Ovum Recordings a solo techno release by the label manager Josh Wink.
The strong main theme of “Denial” is presented in three versions, with something added or subtracted to the whole track structure. The original mix is a solid techno piece, with some oldschool influences and a nice low pass filtered bassline, which gives an underground touch. The “Prise D’acid” is similar to the original mix but we can also recognize a trippy TB303 (or similar gear) line.
At the end we find the “Tweak Dub”, where the bassline is reduced to a smaller identity and the vocal become the main guide of the piece.

“Denial” is out now

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