Pachanga Storm Interview

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– How’s life with you guys? What’s keeping you busy?
Thank you for asking. Everything’s fine here. Every day we work on achieving our dream, so not too bad.

– Obvious question, but where did you meet? Was it through a shared love of music?
There are 4 of us. Two of us are DJs and Producers, one is head of Production and one is the man in the shadow. We met in Munich. And yes –  we are all very committed to the music, which is how we met!

– Pachangastorm – what’s in a name?
The name is derived from the Latin term “Pachanga” – the Party. The main crew behind PACHANGASTORM are Bruno Pachanga (DJ / Production), Simon Storm (DJ / Production), Lennox aka Lenny Maze (Head of Production) and MR (Marketing / PR). Topgether we are known as PachangaStorm, and the name comes from Bruno Pachanga and Simon Storm.

– You guys are really starting to make waves with some great music. How long have you been doing your thing?
We all grew into electronic music and are influenced by various directions such as Funk, Soul, RnB & Hip Hop, as well as EBM and New Wave of the ‘80s and ‘90s until today.
Our eagerness to experiment turned us into hunters, collectors and connoisseurs of sounds and beats into true sound-esthetes.
By arranging different styles track by track, PACHANGASTORM always create new soundscapes, which gives an immense pressure to the dance floor.  They have always had a deep passion for Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Deep House, G House, House and Electro Funk and since the beginning of 2012 they have teamed up in their project: PACHANGASTORM.

– How do you motivate and inspire one another? Who does what in the studio?
We are as one. We decide as one and we think as one. No fights and no stress.
Lenny Maze is the main part of our concioussnes.
Without him nothing would be as it is.

– Productions aside, are you actively involved in any other side of music?
There are many possibilities and many chances, but we are cool and we focus on what is next.

– Do your personalities shine through in your music at all?
Yes, definitely!

– Can you tell us about your latest EP? What’s the thinking behind it?
Miss you is melancholic, sometimes touching, but also very happy and hope giving.
It is about loss and pain, but also about waiting to see somebody again.

– What did you use to create it?
We work with Abbleton, Logic and a lot of several things.
We like to be pure and thats what we want to sound like.

– And 3 very different remixes too – do you have a favourite? Did they end up like you anticipated?
To be honest, we never had one.
Cos the whole EP is perfect like it is.
We worked with amazing artists from our label and we knew it is gonna be dope.
There will be even more remixes but whe am not allowed to tell yet from who cos the contracts are not signed yet.

– What do you like about making music? Why do you make music?
Music is our life.
Music is with us when we laugh, when we are sad and when we explode from our emotions.
It runs through our veins

– So what’s been your proudest moment to date as musicians?
When we had the opportunity to have our first release on Jean Claude Ades` label Be Crazy Music.
It was a Remix for the Single “You make me feel” from JCA and Rony Seikaly.

– And what’s the best and worst thing about working as a duo?
The best is the power, the worst when one of us is sick or has no time to play.

– What kind of software or hardware do you tend to use a lot? What can’t you go without?
As mentioned before Abbleton, Logic, Diva, etc

– How does this release differ to your other work?
It`s a personal thing.
Bruno knows best.

– Any plans to do an album or a live show?
A lot of but till then a lot of production.
As we talk about our gigs, we are open for the world.

– And what more can we expect from you?
Very good music and a lot of energy.


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