Pär Grindvik ‘Wyatt Arp’

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Artist: Pär GrindvikSTHLM_LTD_024_
Title: Wyatt Arp
Cat. #: STHLM LTD 024
Format: 12″ / Digital
Release Date: Aug 21, 2012
A1 – Lead
A2 – The Snitch
B1 – Wyatt ARP
B2 – Terrence Dixon – Interpretation Of Wyatt ARP

It’s been four years since my last own EP on Stockholm LTD.
The main reason for this is that I have been surrounded by music that has inspired me much more than my own.

This EP was written and produced with strict narrow frames and a huge amount of frustration. I was tired of waiting for the inspiration to kick in, then suddenly it appeared with a strength that I haven’t felt for long time. I’m now curious for more.

While sketching the title track, ‘Wyatt- Arp’, I couldn’t get Detroit legend, Terrence Dixon, out of my mind. Terrence is a long time hero of mine, and an artist that always stays on the true side of what we do while most of us occasionally leave our paths. I had to ask him to do a rework./ Pär Grindvik


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